Why give to the Thompson Foundation?

Since May of 2004, the Thompson Foundation has operated a micro-lending entity. Over the years, it has enjoyed a 95% repayment rate (consistent with the rates of other micro-finance entities) and served, with an overwhelming majority, clients who are primarily women. All of the clients are business owners. The advantage that this microfinance has provided for the families of these women is incalculable. What is amazing is that it has continued to exist in spite of being horrible under-financed from its inception. Only in December of 2005 was there a successful fund-raising effort. At that time, in order to answer the needs of the Christmas rush, $13,000.00 was raised. Other than those monies, this effort has been financed through funds raised locally (repayments of loans, sale of properties owned by Nana Kwasi Agyemang and proceeds from other TF projects, most notable a funded bore hole project) and through contributions given by the Thompson family which represent proceeds from speaking engagements, funeral fees and wedding fees earned by Robert Thompson over the years. Changes in the Thompson family circumstances have necessitated a limitation of those funds. Changes in finances in Ghana have limited the funds available through those sources.

Giving to the Thompson Foundation micro-finance entity will help insure the viability of the businesses of thousands of women and the financial success of their families. If we are successful in raising $30,000.00, we will be able to guarantee the salaries of the eighteen workers who collect the funds, provide a cushion against the seasonal spikes of withdrawals, and lay the groundwork for complete sustainability.